Do you LOVE your bicycle?

We Love Bikes

We Love Bikes is a photo-based art project documenting the growing bike community all around the Capital Region. The project is simple: portraits of people and their bikes.

We Love Bikes will include all types of cyclists and all types of bikes. Portraits will be included in a self-published book and displayed during an upcoming Troy Night Out.

Please consider being apart of this exciting project!
Contact Carrie to schedule a photo shoot of you and your bike.

Carrie Will is a fine art photographer and a New York native. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is in numerous collections including the SUNY Art Museum (Albany, NY) and the Smithsonian American Art Museum (Washington, DC).

We Love Bikes is made possible through a generous grant from the New York State Council for the Arts (NYSCA) and The Art Center of the Capital Region.



  • Jean

    Thank you for this project…it’s wonderful to see the variety in the cycling community. I love my Fuji absolute 2.1 hybrid! :-)

  • Lyn Bouton

    Yes, I love my bike. I have been commuting to and from work for almost 30 years, and estimate in my 55 years of cycling I have put over 100K miles on my bikes. I do not own a car, and ride from mid March until the first snow in the winter. Currently I have 2 road bikes–my “beater” is a Cannondale, and my new sweetheart is a Raleigh. I hope your project brings a better awareness to cycling, since the Capital District isn’t the friendliest place to ride.

  • Ann Mullaly

    Can’t wait to see the final project, Carrie! It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday and would love to get out and ride with you sometime. There is a lot of bike love in the area and I would bet you’ve found each persons bike has offered them an opportunity to become someone else, through advocacy, fitness level, friendships made or the confidence they’ve found. It’s so much more than a tool to get us from point”a” to point”b”.

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